Sister Jenna

Sister Jenna has provided an extraordinary level of improvement and innovation in the quality of people’s lives. Sister Jenna is an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to know and work with her. As director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring Maryland, she has created a space for the public that is a safe haven for personal reflection and growth. Sister Jenna has successfully planned and executed year-round workshops and events that address challenges and concerns of residents of the community and offers suggestions and tips to assist people in facing and resolving obstacles. The Meditation Museum features interactive displays of various faith traditions and offers tailored training sessions providing tools for personal development. The Museum hosts a variety of conversations, workshops, special presenters, dialogues, seminars and meditation sessions on a weekly basis which are attended by approximately 200 people per month. All course offerings are free to the public. Over the years, Sister Jenna has been active in working with various non-profit organizations, interfaith communities, local and federal government, and scientific areas. For the past 15 years in the area, 13 citywide initiatives were launched and subsequently became global. The Museum has brought much attention to the importance of becoming a more value-based community with local and global trust and cooperation amongst all.