Corporate Volunteering for Organizations

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Partnering with Businesses for the Greater Good

Corporate community service is good for nonprofits and government agencies

Take the time to engage corporate volunteers and see how much more you can achieve when you partner with civic-minded businesses.


The Volunteer Center is a conduit for nonprofits and government agencies looking to build parternships with businesses in our community.  As a registered organization with the Volunteer Center, you get access to companies who are searching our database for volunteer opportunities as well as other resources for connecting with local businesses that are committed to doing charitable work. 

Get Started

There are several ways to partner with businesses:

  • List great opportunities on our Database for groups of volunteers
  • Design a project for an employee group that wishes to work with you by using our toolkits and past projects as inspiration 
  • Submit projects that require highly skilled consulting volunteers to the Volunteer Center’s Pro Bono Consulting Program
  • E-mail us for additional assistance on how to connect with local businesses at  
  • For more ideas on corporate volunteerism, contact our strategic partner, the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County, whose mission is to promote corporate community service by linking the resources and knowledge of business to the needs of nonprofit and public agencies serving Montgomery County residents.