Group Volunteering for Organizations

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Teamwork Makes a Greater Impact for Your Organization

Multiply the effectiveness of volunteers by engaging groups to help get your work done.


The Volunteer Center helps support groups who want to work together by encouraging organizations to develop projects appropriate for friends, co-workers, neighbors and others who want to bond while volunteering.  You can use groups of volunteers for one time needs or on-going projects.  Be creative and think about ways to maximize the power of volunteering at your organizations.

Get Started

Engage group volunteers with your organization:

  • Enter your group project needs into the Database now. Note that with the migration to our new database, software coding for your opportunities may not be complete. If you want groups to find an opportunity you have posted, make sure you login to edit your opportunities. Click on the "Edit Specific Qualities" link so you can check all the boxes that apply for each position. You'll see boxes to designate group projects under "What Types of Volunteers Do You Accept for this Position". 

See snapshot from database for how to code your opportunities to recruit groups:  

image of checkboxes in database to recruit groups


More Information About Group Volunteering

Check out our Resource Library to find project planning tools and resources