Pro Bono Consultant Program For Organizations

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Our Skilled Volunteers, Your Projects
Does your organization need to do more with fewer resources?

Do your clients/customers/funders need more from you than you can give?

Are you struggling to focus on the big picture issues because of the need to react to your daily work demands?

Are you ready for some outside perspective to help you gain clarity or new energy?

Our volunteer consultants can help! 

Program Overview

  • Organizations submit projects that meet our program guidelines
  • Each Pro Bono Consultant is interviewed to verify experience and interests
  • The Pro Bono Consultant selects a project and a meeting is arranged to scope out project parameters and finalize choice to proceed or not
  • During the project, the Volunteer Center remains in contact, working with the consultant and the organization to ensure a successful completion
  • At the project’s conclusion, the Pro Bono Consultant and organization constructively evaluate the results
  • Projects may lead to a continued relationship between the consultant and the organization – or this may be a one-time project – it’s up to you!

Get Started

  • Find out more about our program guidelines
  • Submit a PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM and we’ll do our best to find a pro bono consultant whose skills best match your needs. 

Examples of Pro Bono Consultants projects

  • Design, update, review employee/volunteer handbooks
  • Create databases
  • Prepare a generic grant template and cover letter to be used to apply for funding
  • Design logos, brochures, and ads
  • Organize special events
  • Design a marketing plan
  • Assist a nonprofit in preparing financial records for an outside audit
  • Conducting an economic viability analysis or cost allocation
  • Editing or writing informational materials or newsletters


“These volunteers provided a level of professionalism to our organization that we could not have achieved otherwise.”

“(The volunteer) is so competent and passionate.  We are lucky to have her input and creative energy.”

“The volunteer was knowledgeable and able to provide direction with regard to the project. Thank you to both the Pro Bono program and [our Pro Bono Consultant] who found it pertinent to take time out of her life, to give t vulnerable population in need. ”

“[Our Pro Bono Consultant] far exceeded our expectations with his expertise in this area.  He did an excellent job in producing exactly what we needed in a database.  We now have all our contact information in a user-friendly format and a database that works! ”