SSL for Nonprofits & Government Organizations

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Overview - Student Service Learning Approval

The Volunteer Center works in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to maintain the database of organizations that have been preapproved by MCPS for Student Service Learning (SSL).  Qualified organizations must register with the Volunteer Center and follow the steps set forth by MCPS to gain preapproval.

Requirements from MCPS to Register as SSL Approved Organization
& Keep SSL Approval


As of July 1, 2016 all organizations that are approved for SSL by MCPS will be required to submit the Montgomery County Public Schools Student Service Learning Organizations Responsibility and Assurance Document, as well as a Certificate of Insurance on an annual basis.  

  1. Register with the Volunteer Center by creating account on website.
  2. Attend an Orientation when you initially register, and then at least once every three years to keep your SSL approved status. 
  3. Two forms must be submitted to Montgomery County Public Schools on an annual basis to remain in compliance:  
    -- a signed MCPS Student Service Learning Organization Responsibility and Assurance Document. A new copy must be signed and submitted annually. 
    -- a Certificate of Insurance indicating General Liability Coverage. An updated version must be submitted annually. 

    Forms can be brought to the orientation or emailed or mailed to the MCPS SSL Coordinator by:  
    Email scanned documents to:
    Or mail to:
    Shella Cherry
    Montgomery County Public Schools
    Student Service Learning Office
    850 Hungerford Drive, Suite 211
    Rockville, MD 20850
  4. Keep active Organization and SSL Volunteer information posted on our website:
    -- Organization - Website requires annual login for updates in order for organization account to remain active and showing as SSL approved. 
    -- SSL Volunteer Info - A description of the work of student volunteers must be showing. This means have active volunteer opportunities showing, or have text within your organization listing in the field we call "SSL Not Recruiting". This field is used by organizations that are not recruiting new volunteers, for instance faith-based organizations that have student groups engaged in community service projects that address real need outside of their own membership. It is also used by organizations that have only seasonal volunteer opportunities that might not be active when students are submitting SSL verification forms. Once approved, this text will show at the bottom of the page of your organization listing. 
  5. The SSL Coordinator for Montgomery County Public Schools reviews every organization and volunteer opportunity requesting SSL Approval. While the Volunteer Center will approve your volunteer information to show on our website to the public, you will get a second notification once the organization is approved by MCPS for SSL. Check the website to see if opportunities are approved.


Other Questions About SSL For Students, Parents and Nonprofits

Go to the MCPS website for SSL FAQs, copies of SSL Verification forms, list of SSL coordinators in the schools, dates forms are due and more: 

Contact the SSL Coordinator at each high school and middle school.

Contact Shella Cherry, the Coordinator of the SSL Program at MCPS or