Cards to Inspire

Impact Area

Help Neighbors in NeedWelcome Immigrants

Volunteer Group Name & URL

African Immigrant and Refugee Foundation

Organization Served & URL

Shepherd's Table

Project Goal/Description

To offer hopeful and inspirational words, including quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr., to people who are in challenging circumstances. This particular project was conducted by the African Immigrant & Refugee Foundation as part of Montgomery County's celebration of the MLK, JR. Day of Service. Those interested would come to a table to make cards, use the quotes that were provided, and add their own decorative touches and messages.

Timeline for Planning

  • The organization had to confirm that it wanted a table at a Volunteer Fair of the County, plan what materials were needed, and send that list to the Montgomery County Volunteer Center.

How Many Volunteers

At least five volunteers would be ideal, but there is no maximum! Overall time commitment is about five hours of planning for the coordinator (plus the time during the day of the event) and about two to three hours for individual participants to work at the tables.

How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

The only publicity done was within the African Immigrant and Refugee club, in order to get students to come and run the table.

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

If you apply early enough, the County may be able to cover the costs of your supplies. Otherwise, you would need paper, scissors, markers, and glue sticks. Depending on the volume of people participating, this could cost between $20 and $100.


Make sure you have enough supplies!

Group Type


Strategic Priority Addressed

Vital living for all our residents


People felt inspired and pleased with the results of their cards. They were happy to know their cards were going to people who would appreciate them. “We got really great feedback from participants who made the cards (“This is a great idea”) and some people made more than one card. It was something that young children and adults could do and they really enjoyed doing it. And we were able to deliver them to Shepherd’s Table, who said that the patrons really enjoyed receiving the cards,” said Lydia Spitalny, AIRF Youth Program Consultant.

Special Points of Interest

  • Double check whether you need to buy materials or if the County will provide them.
  • Make sure you know where you will be donating the cards (because participants like to know where there cards are going).