Clothing Drive in the Chinese-American Community

Impact Area

Help Neighbors in Need

Volunteer Group Name & URL

church/school name

Organization Served & URL

Interfaith Clothing Center

Project Goal/Description

The project takes place once a year (over a span of two days) and is a collection of clothes that are new or in good condition. We also collect kitchenware, canned food, linens and small appliances, electronics, books, and toys. It is all donated to Interfaith Clothing Center. The collected site is at a Chinese church and at Chinese weekend school. The date of the event coincides with Montgomery County’s Community Service Day.The goal is to try to give back to the community. “When we first came, we gained so much and now we want to pay back,” says organizer Helen He. Also, we want to help the needy.

Timeline for Planning

We make flyers and send it to Chinese community organizations and schools and place articles in local Chinese newspapers.

How Many Volunteers

About 3 or 4 people at each of 5 sites plus the organizers and Chinese school leaders. A total of about 20 volunteers. Time commitment for volunteers varies. Some organizers spend up to 40 or 50 hours whereas others just spend a few hours.

How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

Publicity included advertising via fliers sent to Chinese community organizations/schools and articles in local Chinese newspapers.

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

Facilities/Space: There are multiple collection sites for items, with clothing collection boxes set up in local churches and schools.

Project supplies: Minimum - just the printing costs. Publicity: Fliers, newspapers, emails, and posters for each site.


It can be challenging to get more people involved, especially kids (kids can get service hours).

Group Type

Cultural/Ethnic Group

Strategic Priority Addressed

Vital living for all our residents


-Teaching kids to care about each other. -To give needed items to others. -It’s a good learning opportunity. -It helps build better relationships between the Chinese-American community and the community at large. -To raise awareness in the larger community of the good works of the Chinese-American community.

Special Points of Interest

-Plan early and plan well. 

-Recruit enough volunteers.

-Make more organizations aware of this event.

-Carefully select one particular service project and focus on making it well-planned, and an annual event. That way you can become an expert at it and have a bigger impact on the community.