Manna Food Program

Impact Area

Help Neighbors in Need

Volunteer Group Name & URL

Massuage Associates, LLC

Organization Served & URL

Manna Food Center

Project Goal/Description

Our company is a licensed massage therapy business. Our project is to provide food to Manna Food Center to help feed our neighbors in Montgomery County. We also want to encourage volunteerism among our clients and colleagues. We collect food at the office and deliver it to Manna monthly. Our business also waives our $10 new client fee for any new client that brings in food to donate.

Timeline for Planning

  • Provide a box for collections for food and coordinate someone to deliver the food to Manna in Gaithersburg.
  • In our office Christine Kharbyngngar is a regular volunteer at Manna so she takes the food when she goes. 


How Many Volunteers

Any number of folks can participate. The more the merrier! Time Commitment: We started at the holidays and then decided to make it a year round project because there are so many folks in need this year.

How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

We publicize the program on our website and in our periodic newsletter that go out to our clients. Many of them now bring food whenever they come in for their regular massage.

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

There are no expenses except that we waive the new client fee of $10 if a new client brings in at least $10 in non-perishable food.



Group Type

BusinessNeighborhood/Civic AssociationService Club

Strategic Priority Addressed

Healthy & Sustainable CommunitiesVital living for all our residents


We've delivered several hundred pounds of food since December when the project started.

Special Points of Interest

Having a designated person to spearhead the project is important. We also designate a corner of our reception area to the project so we have a place for newletters and feedback from Manna.