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NCCF Coordinated by Kathy Connelly

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Project Goal/Description

The goal of Project Home is to provide formerly homeless families who have obtained housing through the Family Stabilization Program (FSP) at the National Center for Children and Families (NCCF) with a “home”. Volunteer Kathy Connelly personalizes each apartment for incoming families based on their personal taste and likes. Many families have lost most or all of their possessions during homelessness. She is able to meet the unique styles of each family with her extensive experience and knowledge in interior decorating.

Timeline for Planning


  • Anywhere from three weeks to a month is used in developing a layout and theme for each home as well as obtaining the items.
  • Kathy is given a background of each family, including names, ages, and genders.
  • After the design and layout of the apartment is complete and all required items (furniture, paint, décor, etc.) are obtained, it takes her a day to completely put everything together.


How Many Volunteers

To complete an individual apartment a minimum of 8 volunteers are used (this includes all aspects of the project – design/layout, obtaining necessary items, cleaning, decorating, etc.) Time Commitment: This is an ongoing project, there is no minimum time commitment expected from volunteers. It could be a onetime project, or ongoing depending on the volunteer

How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

There is currently no publicity for this project. Kathy relies on her circle of friends and neighbors and word of mouth.

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

Most of the items received are in-kind donations, however Kathy does have a storage unit for bulky items, which is approximately $2000 per month. She relies solely on community donations to make up this cost.


Matching items received in donations from the community with the taste and need of the families.

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Strategic Priority Addressed

Healthy & Sustainable CommunitiesVital living for all our residents


The results of Project Home are long lasting as families get to keep any furnishings acquired in their new homes with them forever and as they transition out of FSP, but the biggest accomplishment is having families who have lost everything during homelessness, have their house be turned into a home.

Special Points of Interest

  • Patience is key to this project.
  • Have fun while planning and executing Project Home!