PNC Grow Up Great Program

Impact Area

Tutor/Mentor ChildrenOther

Volunteer Group Name & URL

PNC employees

Organization Served & URL

A variety of schools and nonprofit early childhood centers

Project Goal/Description

PNC Grow Up Great is a 10-year, $100 million bilingual early childhood education initiative designed to help prepare children - particularly underserved children - from birth to age five for educational and lifelong success. The program provides the tools (including leadership, advocacy, funding, resources and volunteers) to help parents and the greater community in their efforts to increase the potential for young children's success. On the volunteer front, PNC encourages employee participation through a progressive policy that offers up to 40 hours of paid time off to volunteer to support school readiness. Employee volunteers help with many different projects, such as in-classroom support, outdoor and landscape cleanup at pre-schools, back-to-school classroom setup, painting, helping at special program events, and employee collection drives. In addition, PNC employees have opportunities to apply their professional expertise through skills-based volunteerism with the non-profit early childhood centers.

Timeline for Planning

In Greater Washington, one full-time employee manages the Grow Up Great volunteer program for the area from Fredericksburg, Va. to Frostburg, MD. She dedicates 20 to 25 percent of her time to managing it. 

How Many Volunteers

There is no minimum or maximum number. Any employee who would like to get involved can do so with his or her manager’s approval. There is no minimum time commitment. An employee can choose to participate in just one event each year; other employees choose to volunteer once a month all year long. As noted above, PNC employees can volunteer up to 40 hours each year to support a Grow Up Great program or event without impacting their pay. That saves employees from having to use their personal leave time.

How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

We do outreach to pre-K centers and programs that support school readiness, but we do no direct marketing as it relates to employee volunteering. Employees are alerted to volunteer opportunities through internal communications.

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

  • Project supplies: The two main expenses related to employee volunteerism are: 1) custom tee shirts for employees to wear when volunteering; and 2) activities and supplies when employees are involved in an educational tabling event or family festival.


Understanding what volunteer skills are needed for each center’s request for support. We meet this challenge by paying close attention to the volunteerism requests that we get from local programs and having conversations with the program’s manager to best match types of help needed with what employees are interested in volunteering.

Group Type


Strategic Priority Addressed

Children Prepared to Live & Learn


We support the pre-K center’s/school’s goals for the children, so we don’t set up a specific goal for our piece of the project. We send volunteers to support whatever goal is trying to be achieved at a site. The Grow Up Great program gives employees the opportunity to be connected to the community and give back. We are able to make a difference overall in support of school readiness.

Special Points of Interest

  • Talk about the project with employees; share stories about volunteer experiences other employees have had.
  • Make it easy for  employees to find information and to know who to contact when they have questions.
  • Make it easy for employees to get involved and volunteer.