Trail Cleanup

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Any group or organization can do this!

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Montgomery County Department of Parks

Project Goal/Description

To construct and maintain paths and trails in in our community. (Assure that the visitors do not spoil the habitat for wildlife). Components: -Locate and relocate the walkways which have been damaged through use. -Minimize the effects of long use of the trails. -Allow access for people to interesting, instructive, and often beautiful areas of the parks. -Remove fallen trees, install log walkways, build an elevated walkway through wetlands, remove trash and garbage or long-abandoned dumps of automobile tires which are harmful to the natural environment, build small pedestrian bridges. - clear out invasive species and vines in order to improve the health of our local trees and landscapes.

Timeline for Planning

This depends, of course, on the complexity of the project:

 An engineering project may take several months of planning.

A cleanup with trash bags can be organized any weekend.

On parkland, must coordinate with Montgomery parks officials. A park manager and park maintenance people will be necessary and helpful to have involved. Projects at nature centers will be directed by a naturalist on the staff.

The Little Falls Watershed Alliance can help with teaching about which plants and vines are indigenous, and which are invasive, and how best to clear away the harmful ones. 

How Many Volunteers


How Was This Publicized to Recruit Volunteers?

For this project to have been successful, publicity included website announcements, paper flyers or brochures, signups, email organizing and reminders, and discussions in the regular meetings. But for your project - anything goes!

Required Facilities, Materials & Expenses

Facilities/Space: Project supplies: Typically the parks service bears the entire expense of a trail cleanup – they provide bags, gloves, and tools. Certain types of projects are financed by the scouts (if you are a Troop) and it can be good to bring rakes and clippers from home.

The various Watershed Alliances (information about these groups can be received throguh the Parks Dept) also will bring equpment to any weed pull that you arrange with them.


Inhospitable Weather!!

Group Type

BusinessCultural/Ethnic GroupFaithGovernmentNeighborhood/Civic AssociationNonprofitSchoolSeniorsService ClubYouth

Strategic Priority Addressed

Healthy & Sustainable Communities


-They helped to maintain the health, vitality and diversity in plants and animals in our parks which make up the ecosystem in our community. -They show adults and children the complexity of the ecology which exists in the fields and forests of Montgomery County. - It's outdoors, and it's FUN!!

Special Points of Interest

  • Bring water
  • Prepare for the weather
  • Bring insect repellent
  • Bring a hat and gloves
  • Scale your project to the age of the people who participate
  • Take a picture of your group for your scrapbook and send it to your local paper too


Contact Information:

For Montgomery Parks:                                    

For The Little Falls Watershed Alliance:

(The Parks Dept can put you in touch with other Watershed Alliances that exist in the County)