For Volunteers

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Are you ready to volunteer?  The Montgomery County Volunteer Center is here to help you find ways to serve our community.  

Get Started

Search our Database of Volunteer Opportunities where you can search hundreds of opportunities by keyword, zip code, interest areas and more.  In addition to searching volunteer opportunities you can also search for Organizations directly.  We've just moved to a new software platform so lots of changes still in the works - keep checking back and more of the search filters will be working! 

Student Service Learning
Youth volunteering opportunities which are pre-approved by the Montgomery County Public School System and allow teens to satisfy the school requirement in a meaningful as well as enjoyable way

Pro Bono Consultant Program
Volunteers donating their professional skills to help local government agencies & non-profits on short-term projects that deliver tangible outcomes

RSVP – Senior Volunteers
Individuals age 55+ volunteering through this nationally recognized program in rewarding pre-screened volunteer opportunities that fit with their skills, interests, life experience, geographic preference and time availability

Group Volunteering
Groups of friends, co-workers, family members or neighbors volunteering together, making a greater impact and having more fun as a team

Corporate Volunteering
Businesses (large or small) building lasting partnerships with non-profit organizations to plan programs or even just one-day projects that fit the needs of each company as well as the needs of the community

Days of Service
Hundreds of volunteers, of all ages, serving on designated days of the year to make our community even better