Pro Bono Consulting Program

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Use Your Skills, Help Your Community

Searching for a way to contribute to your community in a meaningful and challenging way? 

Looking for a way to help out local nonprofits or government agencies without a long-term commitment?

Retired or semi-retired or just have some free time on your hands? 

Want to keep your skills current while you are between jobs? 

Become a Pro Bono Consultant.

Program Overview

  • Organizations submit projects that meet our program guidelines
  • Each Pro Bono Consultant is interviewed to verify experience and interests
  • Pro Bono Consultant selects a project and a meeting is arranged to scope out project parameters and finalize choice to proceed or not
  • During the project, Volunteer Center remains in contact, working with the consultant and the organization to ensure a successful completion
  • At the project’s conclusion, the Pro Bono Consultant and organization constructively evaluate the results
  • Projects may lead to a continued relationship between the consultant and the organization – or this may be a one-time project – it’s up to you

Get Started

Submit a volunteer application and we’ll find a project that best matches your skills. 

More Information About Pro Bono Consulting Program

Learn More About our Pro Bono Consultant Program - Check out our Volunteer Brochure


“The project made me grow, professionally and personally.  I had challenging work that I felt good about – a great experience!”

“(The project) was different from anything in which I am customarily involved…a chance to apply my professional skills in a novel way.” 

“I can’t speak more highly of the professionalism and the supportive nature of the office staff and the process itself.  I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to do volunteer work.” 

“I would (and have) recommended it [the Pro Bono Consultant Program] to friends. It is a wonderful way to keep skills sharp and to contribute in a meaningful way to Montgomery County quality of life.”

“Not only did this project allow me to learn a new product well, I met with some wonderful county employees who really needed the extra help for them to do their work.”