Student Service Learning (SSL)

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Making A Difference At Any Age

Volunteering your time, your energy, your passion, and your skills at any age is something that benefits you and those you serve. Through Student Service Learning (SSL) students address a real community need while earning service hours for graduation.


  • SSL is a Maryland state graduation requirement.
  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students may earn SSL hours from the summer after completing Grade 5 through middle school and high school.
  • Students can earn SSL hours by serving in the community with organizations that have been pre-approved by MCPS.
  • The Volunteer Center works in partnership with MCPS to maintain the Database of organizations and opportunities that have been pre-approved by MCPS for Student Service Learning (SSL)
  • What does it mean to say organizations and opportunities are approved for SSL?
  • For more information regarding the MCPS SSL plan refer to the website or contact the SSL coordinator in any middle or high school.

Get Started: Find Meaningful Opportunities in the Community

  • Identify SSL Approved Opportunities and contact the organization directly to get involved. There is no need to create an account in the Database.
  • Look for the icon SSL Icon that tags organizations and opportunities with MCPS SSL approval in the Database. Use the keyword box and other search options to refine the search. Be sure the SSL icon is present.
  • To find opportunities, look through the links below or search the Database directly.

See All SSL Approved Opportunities

See date-specific opportunities on the Calendar - click on each Opportunity to find the graduation hat icon that indicates SSL approval.

SSL Opportunities by City:

Your city not listed? Want to search by interest area or other variables? Use the Search page in the database to create your own search!

See all Organizations - you'll be able to search by name or zip code. Look for the SSL icon to find those that are SSL approved. 

Questions? Is this website not showing you organizations or opportunities that you thought were listed as SSL Approved? Email or call 240-777-2600.